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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Zoe Zhu

Database databsdetailIntro to Computer Applications Chapter 1 Why Computers Matter to You Becoming Computer LiterateComputer literate being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitationsChart on pg 4Data Mining process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a patternBluetooth TechnologyA type of wireless communication to transmit the scanned data through radio waves to a terminal Maxicode in UPS shipping etc Computer forensics a specialty that analyzes computer systems with specific techniques to gather potential legal evidenceRadio Frequency Identification Tags RFID agricultural outbreaks can be managed and minimizedPatient simulator lifesized computercontrolled mannequins that can speak breathe and blink Pulse and heartbeat and respond just like humans to procedures such as administration of intravenous drugs Braingate Neural Interface implanted in the patients brain a signal converter recognizes patterns and then translates them into commands to a robotic arm Nanometers involves the study of molecules and structures called nanostructures one billionth of a meterNanotechnology the science of using nanostructures to build devices on an extremely small scale wrinkle cream etcAffective Computing is computering that relates to emotion or deliberately tries to influence emotionDigital Divide The discrepancy between those who have access to the opportunities and knowledge computers and the internet offer and those who do not Digital Home A home that has televisions and other technological devices all hooked to a center home network Offshored The process of sending jobs previously performedin the US to other countriesPublic domainthe status of software that is not protected by copyright Softwarethe set of computer programs or instructions that tells the computer what to do and enables it to perform different tasks Spam unwanted or junk emailHaving an international population armed with cameras and a means to quickly distribute their video allows the invisible to become visible in many ways The Witness Project founded by Peter Gabriel uses this strategy to stop human rights abuses throughout the world Their slogan is See it Film it Change it And video from the Witness Project has changed many lives for example it contributed to the arrest of warlords in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the recruitment of child soldiersChapter 2 The History of the PCAll in one computer a desktop system unity that houses the computers processor monitor and memory in a single unitApplication software the set of programs on a computer that helps a user catty out takss such as word processing sending email balancing a budget creating presentations editing photos taking an online course and playing gamesAspect ratio the widthtoheight proportion of a monitor Binary digit bit a digit that corresponds to the on and off states a computers switches either 0 or 1Binary language language that computers use to process data 0 or 1blue ray disc BD method of optical storage for digital data developed for storing high definition media largest storage capacity of all optical storage Bluetooth a type of wireless technologythat uses radio waves to transmit dayta over short distances 30 ft Bluetooth 1 60 feet Bluetooth 2 often used to connect peripherals such as printers and keyboards to computers or headsets to cell phonesBrightness measure of the greatest amount of light showing when a monitor is displaying pure white candelas per square meterByte eight binary digits bitsCompact disc CD method of optical storage originally developed for storing digital audioCentral processing unit CPU or processer the part of the system unit of a computer that is responsible for data processing brains largest and most important chip in the computer all processes commands and functions Cold boot process of starting a computer from a powered down or off stateConnectivity port a port that enables the computer to be connected to other systems modems internetContrast ratio measure of the difference in light intensity Cursor control key set of controls on standard keyboards that moves the cursor flashing symbol when next character is to be addedDesktop computer regular computer only use in one locationDigital video for versatile disc DVD greater storage capacity than CDsDigital video interface DVI video interface technology that newer LCD monitors and other devices use to connect to a PCDrive bay special shelf in a computer that holds special storage devicesEmbedded computer specially designed computer chip that resides inside another device such as a carErgonomics how computer is set up to reduce injury etcEthernet port port that is slightly larger than a standard phone jack and transfers data at speeds of up to 10000 mbps used to connect a computer to a DSL or cable modemExpansion card adapter card circuit board with specific functions that augment the computers basic functions and provide connections to other devices sound card video cardExternal hard drive an internal hard drive that is enclosed in a protective caseFireWire 400 interface transport that transfers data at 400 mbpsFireWire 800 fastest interface transport 800 mbpsFlash drive jump drive USB or thumb drive drive that plugs into a USB port and stores dataFlash memory card form of portable storage removable memory card often in digital cameras PDAS etcFlatpanel monitor lighter and more energy efficient than CRT monitor often in notebook computersGigabyte GB a billion bytes speedGigahertz GHz a billion hertz physical memoryHibernate power saving mode that saves current state of system into the hard driveHigh definition multimedia interface HDMI compact audio video interface standard that carries both high definition video and uncompressed digital audioImpact printer creates an image by using some mechanism to physically press an inked ribbon against the page causing the ink to be deposited on the page in the shape desired These printers are typically loud but remain in use today because of their unique ability to function with multipart formsInkjet printer nonimpact printer that sprays tiny bits of inkInput device hardware device to enter data keyboard miceInternal hard drive hard drive installed in the system unitKilobyte KBone thousand bytesLaser printer nonimpact printer quick and quiet high quality printingLegacy technology comprises computing devicessoftware or peripherals and techniques from a previous time that are no longer popularLiquid crystal display LCD technology used in flat panel monitorsMainframe large expensive computer that supports hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously and executes different programs at the same timeMegabyte MB unit of computer storage 1 million bytesMegahertz MHz processing speed 1 million hertzModem card expansion card that provides the computer with a connection to the internet via conventional phone lines
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