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Chapter 6

CIS 1200 Chapter 6

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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1200
John Saville

Computing 1200 Tech in Action Chapter 6 Summary access time: the time it takes a storage device to locate its stored data. cache memory: small blocks of memory, located directly on and next to the central processing unit (CPU) chip, that act as holding places for recently or frequently used instructions or data that the CPU accesses the most. When these instructions or data are stored in cache memory, the CPU can more quickly retrieve them than if it had to access the instructions or data from random access memory(RAM). core: a complete processing section from a CPU, embedded into one physical chip. CPU usage: the percentage of time a central processing unit (CPU) is working. data transfer rate: the maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network; usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps). external SATA(eSATA): fast transfer port, allows you to easily add an external hard drive for more storage space. express card: a circuit board with specific functions that augment the computer's basic functions and provide connections to other devices; examples include the sound card and the video card. Front side bus (FSB): connects the processor (CPU) in your computer to the system memory. Think of it as a highway on which data tavels between the CP
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