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Chapter 1

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University of Guelph
ECON 2560
Nancy Bower

Theory of Finance – Chapter 1 Organizing a Business Corporation  Corporation: Business owned by shareholders who are not personally liable for the business's liabilities  Limited Liability: Principle that the owners of the corporation are not personally responsible for its obligation  Public Company: Corporation whose shares are listed for trading on a stock exchange  Private Company: Corporation whose shares ar eprivately owned Sole Proprietorship  Sole Proprietor: Sole owner of a business that has no partners and no shareholders. The proprietor is personally liable for al the firm's obligation Partnership  Partnership: Business owned by two or more people who are personally responsible for all its liabilities The Investment (Capital Budgeting) Decision  Capital Budgeting Decision or Investment Decision: Decision as to which real assets the firm should acquire The Financing Decision  Financing Decision: Decision as to how to raise the money to pay for investments in real assets  Capital Structure: A
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