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- In 1944, the Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF) was created. It
became an umbrella organization for its affiliates. Present day, its
affiliates include: Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario
(ETFO), Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF),
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA), and
Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco- ontariens.
All teachers in public and separate boards are members of an OTF
affiliate. In addition to the present-day collective bargaining
function of the affiliates, they also play a role as secondary policy
Curriculum Policy
- In Ontario, pertinent legislation about the education system
appears in The Education Act, and Regulations within the Act (which
have the force of law) provide legal authority for governance. The
Education Act also defines roles of administrators, teachers,
students and parents. In addition, the Ministry also creates “policy
documents” which, while not legislation, provide directives to
boards and educators. Curriculum policy documents fall into this
category. Unlike legislation, policy documents do not have to be
approved by the House of Commons.
- Policy documents identify the credits required for students to
graduate (in OSS), as well as the curriculum to be taught for each
- A format/template for courses organizes each course into 3-5
strands, each representing a unit or theme of study. Each strand
has 5 overall expectations. Each overall expectation is then linked
to a sub-organizer within the strand, which appears as heading.
Each sub-organizer contains 3-5 specific expectations. Most courses
contain 80-130 student learning expectations.
Ontario’s Initiatives to Promote Student Success
- As of June 2004, only 33% of students go on to post-secondary.
Others don’t graduate (33%), graduate to the work world (18%), or
go to college (19%). **Considering these multiple destinations,
what does “student success” mean? The Ministry of Education
equates success with graduation from high school. They have
established student success initiatives that include Student Success
Teams in every high school in Ontario. These teams are comprised
of a principal, Student Success Teacher(s), and guidance counselor,
who, together: Identify and support struggling students, Provide
more options for learning, Monitor student progress
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