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Antonio Gramsci

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ENGL 4890
Jade Ferguson

stText Summary On Violence Readerreading for Jan 31 lectureAntonio GramsciSelections From the Prison Notebooks IntroductionGramsci became aware of the dangers of fascism Redefines the role of the intellectual putting forth the idea of organic intellectuals whose task it is to direct the aspirations of their class in the class struggle Educationlearning is a mode of work that helps funnel the revolutionary energies of the working class It becomes a means of actively participating in natural life in order to transform and socialize it Achieving the consent of the other classes through hegemony is a necessary for gaining political power Fascism can be overthrown through creating material conditions which will lead to the hegemony of the working class and consequently to government by this class Political Struggle and Military WarXIt is evident that in forms of mixed strugglefundamentally of a military character but mainly fought on the political planethe use of commando squads requires an original tactical development for which experience of war can only provide a stimulus and not a model The Balkan comitadjis and Irish bands are separate from the questions of commandos modern commandos presuppose a large reserveforcethe phenomenon of commandos should be considered as a sign of their passivity and relative demoralization Modern commandos belong to the war of position In political struggle there also exists other forms of warfare apart from the above 3The class factor leads to a fundamental differencedoesnt allow for permanent and specialized assault organizations like a class that isnt tied down by fixed work hours and insufficient financial resources For certain classes a war of movement is necessary because it is the form that belongs to them This may include use of commando tactics but politics must have priority over military aspects because only politics creates the possibility for maneuver and movement XParallels between war of maneuver and position in military science vs in political sciencerecall Rosa Luxemburgs book theorizing the war manoeuvre in relation to political sciencepg 162 In the politics of the most advanced States civil society has become resistant to the catastrophic incursions of the immediate economic element crises depressions etc The superstructures of civil society are much like the trenchsystems of modern warfare when they advance thinking that they destroyed the enemys entire defense system when they in fact destroyed only the outer perimeter The same thing happens in politics during the great economic crises A crisis cannot give the attacking forces the ability to organize quickly much less endow them with fighting spirit Similarly the defenders are not demoralized nor do they abandon their positions or lose faith in their own strength or future
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