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Environmental Design and Rural Development
EDRD 3120

Day1 – September 6 thReading Foundation and Legal Principles Supplement – CHAPTER 1: EDUCATION IN ONTARIO (online) A Constellation of Educational Purposes - What education hopes to accomplish. Hodgkinson’s term :constellation of purposes” = multiple purposes or aims, which fall into 3 categories:  1) Aesthetic  education for individual fulfillment, personal growth, to gain knowledge and understanding as an end in itself, and to learn to learn (To encourage intellectual growth and a desire for learning); 17% 2001 poll  2) Economic or instrumental  education as preparation for an “end” such as post- secondary schooling, employment or for marketability (To help students prepare for work); 33% 2001 poll  3) Ideological  education for civic participation, character, or societal improvement (To promote citizenship and character- building); 23% 2001 poll - The degree to which each purpose should be emphasized is contested  “Liberal education” models emphasize aesthetic purpose.  Sometimes criticized for not being relevant to the real world, or at odds with preparation for the workforce  Economic/instrumental purpose  recent attention b/c of purported payoff to students and belief it will improve economic status by contributing to a skilled workforce. Criticized for transforming one’s actions and perceptions of the self into what on
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