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University of Guelph
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 2210
Ernesto Guzman

Beekeepersomeone who keeps bees most beekeepers keep honeybeesApiculturalistsomeone who knows how to keep bees and is active in beekeeping by working with beekeepers person has some degree of sophistication in beekeeping and may be involved in instruction extension inspection adviceApidologiststudies bee biology person is involved in advancing beekeeping and apicultural knowledge and technology or is involved in basic research in bee biologyUNIT 01 Bees from Outside General External Anatomy Body Segment by Body SegmentCHAPTER 1 3 main body segmentsHead Thorax and Abdomen 1 Head nervous and sensory centerMouthpartsappendages for feeding5 eyes2 large compound eyes and 3 smaller ocelliAntennae feelersused for smell taste touch hearing etc2 Thorax locomotory centerContains the engine for Locomotion5 pairs of appendages3 pairs of legs walking gripping landingspecializations on fore and hind legs for harvesting pollen from flowers2 pairs of wings extensions of body wall Fore and hind wing together act as a single wing3 Abdomen digestive reproductive and circulatory centers6 visible segmentstucked away inside tip of abdomen are reduced segments that make up sting apparatus in female beesintromittent organ or endophallus in males
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