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Environmental Sciences
ENVS 2210
Ernesto Guzman

ENVS Page 279297Beekeepers RewardsBeekeepers work super hard and expect money and satisfaction in returnHoney is legit cause its sweet medicinal purposes humans have ancient reverence for honeyBees wax part of ancient traditions cosmetics meds waterproofing lubricatingPollen royal jelly Propolis bee gum and venom have value in therapy o Collection and sale of venom used for medical bee sting therapy and desensitization to allergiesQueen rearing is specialized occupation you nee do have intimate understanding of history of honeybees o Small market for bee brood as food for people and other animalsBeekeepers who provide pollinations services to growers must assure the grower knows that colonies are strong and activeGlobal and international concern for demise of pollinators HoneyRecognized and appreciate the mostHoneybees add enzymes from salivary glands at time of nectar collection o Water evaporated from nectar and final amount of water in honey varies depending on climate temp humidityAmount of water in honey important in quality control and for assessing likelihood of fermentationHoneyvariable taste colour aroma texture depending on region source of sugary forageFlora nectar is most important source of honey Honey types marketed can reflect floral source clover honey blueberry honey ex or can be seasonal blend like summer or mid spring etc o Type of way honey is prepared or obtained also reflected like liquid honeyCrystallization of honey can be controlled so its sold as a solidCreamed honey spreads easily without dripping from breadHoney also sold in combs o Section comb honey is produced in wooden fames inserted into the beehive o Cut comb is cut form frameso Chunk comb honey is attractive but not often seen so chunks are placed in jars and then liquid honey poured in to fill o Most honey sold as bulk liquid honey for processing by honey packersHow it reaches the shelves of supermarkets and food industryIndustrial standards for honey quality and grading o Moisture content 186 Grade A described as fancy20 Grade C described as standard o Colour by Pfund Scale and based on light transmissionWater white
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