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Chapter 9-12

Bees - Biology and Management, Chapters 9-12

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University of Guelph
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 2210
Ernesto Guzman

Chapter Summaries Bees Biology and ManagementChapter 9The Nervous System From Stem to Stern FormFunctionNervous impulses must jump from nerve cell to nerve cell via synapsesCentral Nervous System CNScomprises the brain and the main nerve trunks that extend the length of the bodyDifferent from our own CNS by 1 main nerve trunks are ventral not dorsal as in our own bodies 2 paired not single as in ourselves and interconnected with nerve masses called gangliaWhat is the brain of an insect likeComprises of the cerebrum or brain proper and the suboesophageal ganglionThe cerebral mass is thought to comprise three areas the protocerebrum deutocerebrum and tritocerebrumMushroom bodiesknown to be involved in integrating sensory informationAlso thought to be centres for memory and learning and change in subtle ways as adult bees age and change their behaviours accordinglyInsect brain also has the Central Bodyinvolved in the association of information between the two sides of the brainThe largest parts of the brain are the optic lobes that include the compound eyesthey can be considered as part of the brainThe three Ocelli can also be thought of as three dorsal lobes of the brain that end up in photoreceptive cellsOn each side of the frontal part of the brain are the Antennal Lobessensory nervous impulses feed from the antennae and from which nerves extend to allow antennal movementsIn the thorax are more or less segmentally arranged Ganglia The first is associated with the prothoraxProthoracic GanglionThe next is a large fused ganglion with the meso and metathorax and propodeumthis ganglion is associated especially with the integration of muscular contractions in flight and coordination of the legs in walking grooming and collecting pollenThere are 5 abdominal ganglia in allGangliamasses of nervous tissue with nerves making interconnections with sensory and motor nerves by neurons
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