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Chapter 13-16

Bees - Biology and Management, Chapters 13-16

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University of Guelph
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 2210
Ernesto Guzman

Chapter Summaries Bees Biology and ManagementChapter 13NUTRITIONHeterotrophicrely largely on organic sources for the minerals they needdepend on organic carbon for energy and organic nitrogen and sulphur sources for proteins and body buildingHoneybees are herbivorous heterotrophsattain almost all their nutrition from plants mostly flowers as nectar and pollenPollen contains o25 proteinso10 free amino acidso25 carbohydratesoremaining percentage is made up of varying amounts of lipids enzymes coenzymes pigments vitamins sterols and mineralsNectara mostly sugary liquid or syruptransformed into honey which is mostly sugarFUEL FOR ACTIVITY10 amino acids are essential for honeybee growthoArginineoHistidineoLysineoTryptophanoPhenyalanineoMethionineoThreonineoLeucineoIsoleucineoValineNectar is used by various insects including honeybees as the precursor to body fat used as the energy source for long distance migrationHoneybees require vitaminsMany coenzymes important in metabolism and interaction with enzymes contain vitamins as part of their molecular structurethus Pollen is crucial as it is generally rich in vitaminsBrood FoodRoyal Jellyproduced by the hypopharyngeal and mandibular glands of young nurse beesAll larval bees are fed royal jelly but the duration of feeding with this rich food is important in determining the caste of the adult bee queens workers and drones are all fed different variations and for different lengths of time
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