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Chapter 21-25

Bees - Biology and Management, Chapters 21-25

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Environmental Sciences
ENVS 2210
Ernesto Guzman

Chapter SummariesBees Biology and ManagementChapter 21 MatingMating A sexual union between individuals takes place and includes reproduction involving two sexesInvolves transmission of genetic information contained in gametes from donor male and recipient femaleFertilization fusion of male gamete sperm and female gamete eggHermaphroditic individual is both male and femaleParthenogenesis individuals produced without the union of gametesDrones are produced parthenogenetically from unfertilized eggs Female bees are produced via fertilizationPolyandry multiple mating system used by honeybees in which females have numerous male partnersQueenTake 510 days to sexually matureOrientation Flights flights with the goal of becoming familiar with surroundingsDrone congregation areas areas where mating occurs and where queens embark on mating flightsIs attracted by drone pheromone DroneAfter 68 days embarks on a flight to congregation areasTakes 1214 days to fully sexually matureSense queen presence by vision smell and queen substancesDrone comet crowd of drones chasing the queen The honeybee mating process thank god Im not a bee1Drone mounts queen2in Copulation his genetalia explodes as he is flipped on his back and dragged upside down in midair3The drone falls to the ground dead leaving his genetalia anchored in the queens vagina along with internal organs remains termed mating sign4Subsequent drones must remove the previous drones mating sign before copulation5Semen of the drones I retained by the queen in the spermathecaChapter 22 Being Female or Male Sex DeterminationSex Determination general They are designated as X and Y and determine the sex in most animals XXfemale and is homogametic produce one type of gamete
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