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Chapter 26-30

Bees - Biology and Management, Chapters 26-30

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Environmental Sciences
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ENVS 2210
Ernesto Guzman

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Chapter SummariesBees Biology and ManagementChapter 26 Vision and LightWays to sense lightPresence or absenceDiscrimination of wavelengths colour visionDiscrimination of images sharpness of visionPolarization angle at which light rays pass through a mediumSpeed of reaction of optical sensors that allow for sensing of movementTypes of VisionTrichromatic colour vision red green and blue primary coloursAchromatic there is no colour as for nocturnal animalsThe EyeHighly specialized organ of photoreception or the conversion of light energy into nerve action potentialTypes of eye1Simple eyes detect brightness and direction2Camera eye of vertebrates3Compound eye Honeybee visionThe OcelliThree simple eyes located on the top of the honeybee head check figure 261 for structural diagramCan monitor light intensity period of exposure to light and wavelengthDo not form imagesCompound eyesLocated on the side of the headOrgans for colour vision shape and pattern vision contrast vision detection of motionResolving power the ability to see detailPossess many ommatidia or facets each with its own lens45000 facets in workers 78000 in drones and 3500 in queensAppear as a mosaic of hexagonal tilesEach facet accepts information from a small region of a picture once all the information from all facets is gathered a complete image is formed
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