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Chapter 31-33

Bees - Biology and Management, Chapters 31-33

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University of Guelph
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 2210
Ernesto Guzman

Apiculture Chapter Summary Notes Chapter 31HONEYBEESHUMANKIND THROUGH THE AGES FROM THE STONE AGE TO THE NOBEL PRIZEHoney continues to have cultural religious and medical significance in many countriesEarly honey hunting and gathering may have been done similar to wild chimpanzees poke sticks in hive swirl around and lick the honey off Rock paintings in Spain date back to 8000 yrs BP before presentoDepict hives swarms people blowing smoke at bees etcBeekeeping began when people started understanding the activities of honeybeesHive a container in which cavity nesting bee species ie honeybees stingless bees bumblebees are keptThis hive offers protection for the bees and access for the keepersSome of oldest records of beekeeping come from ancient Egyptian tomb paintings 4500 BPoUsed cylinder clay hives with disc blockage at one end and entranceexit at other endoBlew smoke into hive to drive bees to opposite end removed almost half of honeyEgyptians used honey for cosmetics mummification writing tablets etcEarliest writings of beesin hives from 1500 BP as part of Hittite code of lawsGreeks and Romans referred to bees and honey in poetry and prose and regarded honey as having special significance for medicinal and cooking purposesMany references to honey in the Koran and BibleEurope place of origin of beekeeping with Apis melliferaHorizontal bee hives evolved to vertical bee hives
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