ENVS 3010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Germination, Statistical Power

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Chapter 6
Community Composition and Dynamics
6.1: Changes in the distribution and abundance of coexisting populations
- Ecological communities
oAssemblages of populations that are spatially and temporally delimited
oBoth the scale and complexity of communities makes them very difficult to monitor and
- Species have individualistic responses to climate changes despite living in the same community
oThis may disrupt species interactions
oThis is expected to result in non-analogous communities
Non-analogous communities are those that are different in species composition
from communities we currently or once observed
- It can still be useful to predict how climate will shift major biomes, which are defined by the
dominant form of vegetation
oMost are expected to move northwards and deserts in some equatorial regions are
expected to expand
- Geographic and physical barriers can constrain species migration, and there are some
communities at risk of being squeezed out when migration routes are blocked
oCommunities at the greatest risk of range contraction are those restricted to specific
zones (ex. mountain tops)
oHuman land has created increasingly large barriers to species migration
- Community shifts in the context of climate change can be addressed in the context of ecological
assembly rules
oThe rules are based on the observation that only certain combinations of species exist in
Some pairs of species may never coexist
Other pairs of species may be unstable alone, but may form part of a stable
larger combination
oThese rules are difficult to establish because of their complexity
6.2: The challenges of studying climate change effects on communities
- Temporal and spatial scales
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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