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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1010
Robin Milhausen

Exercise: physical activity that u plan, structure, and repeat to condition ur body=better health and fitness Physical fitness: ablility to respond to routine physical demands and store enough energy for sudden challenge Cardiorespiratory fitness: ability of heart to pump blood through body efficiently so person can sustain prolonged rhythmic activity VO2 max: max. amount of oxygen individual able use during intense /maximal exercise Muscular fitness: amount of strength and endurance in muscles Muscular strength: force within muscles, measured by max weight person can lift/push/press in 1 effort Muscular endurance: ability to perform repeated muscular effort; measure number of times lift/push/press weight Body Composition Amount of fat (essential and stored) and lean tissue (bone,muscle) in body Physical conditioning: (training) gradual building up body to enhance cardioresp., muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility Functional fitness: doing daily activities or exercises that mimic them Sport: leisure time physical activites that are planned, structured, and competitive Agility: ability to change body position and direction quickly and efficiently Balance: body’s ability to maintain proper equilibrium Coordination: Power: ability to produce max forxe in shortest time (2 components: speed and force) Speed: propel body or part of body rapidly from one point to other Force: influence that=movement of body (push/pull) Plyometrics: specialized, high intensity train
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