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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1010
Susan Chuang

FRHD1010 th thOctober 13October 19 2013Chapter 7 Middle ChildhoodBodyMindHealthSickness Middle Childhood The period between childhoodearly adolescence approximately age 611Genes protect children who have already survived the hazards of birthearly childhood Slower growth Greater StrengthSchoolaged kids growth is slowsteadySelfcare is easyMuscles including the heart become strongMedical CareImmunization has reduced deaths dramaticallythroughout childhood lethal accidentsfatal illnesses are far less common than years agoMetter medial care has meant fewer kids get chronic conditions such as hearing impairmentsanemiaFewer kids breath secondhand smokeChildren have better habits than they did generations ago such as washing hands regularlyEstablishing good health habits before adolescence is crucialPhysical Activity Tons of benefits and problemsBetter overall healthLess obesityRespect for teammatesopponentsLoss of self esteem if mean teammatescoachesIncreased stressed Injuries Health Problems Many children have at least 1 chronic condition that might get in way of school play or friends Childhood Obesity thChildhood Obesity Having a BMI above the 95 percentile according to US center for disease controlChildhood Overweight In a childBMI A persons weight in KG divided by the persons height in meters Childhood obesity increasing worldwide doubled since 1980 in US MexicoCanadaObesity rates no longer riding in children but plateau is way too highApprox 13 of 611 year olds are overweighthalf of those are obeseChildhood overweight correlates w asthma high blood pressureelevated cholesterolSocial environmentalgenes contribute AsthmaChronic inflammatory disorder if the airways that makes breathing hardAffects people of all ages but highest among schoolaged kidsIn us asthma rates have tripled since 1980Ethnicitybirthplace contributeSome experts suggest hygiene hypothesis proposing the immune system needs to tangle w microbes when youngChildren may be overprotected from virusesbacteriaIsnt proven1
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