Chapter 5 - Human Development

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1010
Susan Chuang

Chapter 5Human Development Bodily Growth y Average boy is slightly taller and heavier than the average girl y Lose the baby fat y Head is onefifth of the 2 year olds heighty Toddlers in developing countries do not grow as rapidly y About th of children worldwide have diets that are deficient in protein nearly all of them in developing countries y Height and weight of average children in developing countries are comparable to the bottom 5 of children in developed countriesKwashiorkor protein deficiency in childhood leading to symptoms such as lethargy irritability thinning hair and swollen body which may be fatal if not treated y Lowers the effectiveness of the immune system y Improved protein intake can relieve the symptoms of kwashiorkor but earlier damage to physical and cognitive development is likely to be permanentMicronutrients dietary ingredients essential to optical physical growth including iodine iron zinc and vitamins A B C and D 12y Most crucial micronutrient deficiency worldwide is iodine y Lack of iodine inhibits cognitive development resulting in an estimated IQ deficiency of 10 to 15 points y Iron deficiency makes toddles irritable and tiresBrain Development y Brain has only about onehalf as many neurons at age 2 as it did at birthSynaptic DensityDensity of synapses among neurons in the brain peaks around age 3 y Peak production of new synapses is reached in the frontal lobes y Location of reasoning planning and creativity y After the peak synaptic pruning begins y The connections between neurons become fewer but more efficient y Synapses that are used becoming more developed while unused synapses wither awayEEG Electroencephalogram device that measures the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex allowing researchers to measure overall activity of the cerebral cortex as well as activation of specific parts of itfMRI functional magnetic resonance imaging method of monitoring brain activity in which a person lies inside a machine that uses a magnetic field to record
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