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Chapter 1-3

Chapter 1-3

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1010
Susan Chuang

Human DevelopmentFRHD 1010CHAPTER ONE Variations Across Countries Developed countries most developed economically and affluent highest median levels of income and education take up less than 20 of the worlds populationy United states is one of few expected to rise in population birth rate only slightly below replacement rate high immigrationy Japan steepest fall Developing countries lower levels of income and education BUT experiencing rapid economic growth eg India accounts for nearly all the population growth 80 of worlds population y India ndo 12 billion 2 most populated country by 2050 more than 15 billion o Over 400 languages 80 Hindu o Households are multi generational woman enters upon marriage o Caste system higher have better resources health care and education o Many live under 2 per daychildren are malnourished teens dont graduate woman cant reado Massive migration to urban areas economic boom last 20 years brought hundreds of millions out of poverty world leader in manufacturing telecommunications and services 2050 world leader Collectivism group harmony relationships and obedience Individualism independence and self expressionTotal fertility rate TFR in a population the number of births per womanContext settings and circumstances that contribute to variations in pathways of human development SES gender ethnicity family school media culture Socioeconomic status SES persons social class including educational level income level and occupational status Ethinicity group identity that may include components such as cultural origin cultural traditions race religion and language Ontogenetic characteristic development of a species The Canadian Context y Before 1967 immigration act 80 of immigrants were from European countries y The act removed explicit discrimination based on country of origin created a points system eg higher education more points y 198 immigrants second largest country y 48 Toronto 15 Vancouver 12 Montreal y 220 countries 150 languages 70 of Canadian foreignborn population has mother tongue that is neither English or French Viewing the IndividualScientific Conceptions of Human Development Freuds Psychosexual Theory y As a physician worked with patients with mental problems y Linked with traumatic event in childhood that is being repressed Psychoanalysis bring repressed memories to consciousness o Dreams and childhood experiences y Sexual desire is a driving force ID pleasure principle Ego reality principle mediator Superego adults parents teach infant to develop a conscious restrict desires guilt for disobeying
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