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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1010
Susan Chuang

Chapter 9Human Development Emerging adulthoodfrom their late teens to at least their midtwenties Marriage is around 30 for women in developed countries and is even higher for menDramatic rise in typical ages on entering marriage and parenthood is because Invention of the birth control pill in combination with less stringent standards of sexual morality after the sexual revolution meant that young people no longer had to enter marriage in order to have a stable sexual relationshipIncrease in the years devoted to pursuing education and training for an occupationOpportunities available to womenso many options open to women and with so little pressure on them to marry in their early twentiesFive characteristics that distinguishes emerging adulthood from other age periods 1 The age of identity explorations 2 The age of instabilityexplore different possibilities in love and work emerging adults lives are often unstable 3 The selffocused agefocus on them selves as they develop the knowledge skills and selfunderstanding they will need for adult life 4 The age of feeling inbetweenonly when people reach their late twenties and early thirties that a clear majority feel they have reached adulthood 5 The age of possibilitiesmany different futures remain possible when little about a persons direction in life has been decided for certainBegin to develop before and continue to develop after emerging adulthoodAn age when people explore various possibilities in love and work as they move toward enduring choicesPhysical ChangesLife stage of peak physical functioning when the body is at its zenith of health strength and vigorVO Max ability of the body to take in oxygen and transport it to various organs 2also called maximum oxygen updateCardiac Output quantity of blood flow from the heart Reaction time is also faster in the early twentiesEven after maximum height is attained in the late teens the bones continue to grow in density and peak bone mass is reached in the twentiesLifespan with the least susceptibility to physical illnessThe lifestyles of many emerging adults often include a variety of factors that undermine health such as poor nutrition lack of sleep and the high stress of trying to juggle school and work or multiple jobs
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