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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Class FRHD1020 Couple and Family RelationshipsInstructorS MurrayTextbookThe Family DynamicA Canadian Perspective Fifth EditionAuthorsMargaret Ward and Marc BelangerPublisherNelsonISBN 9780176502003Chapter 1What is a FamilyLearning ObjectivesTo introduce the concept of family and to review a variety of definitionsTo consider theoretical views of the family along with their strengths and weaknessesTo review ways researchers study familiesWhat is a familyHousehold people who occupy the same dwelling can consist of one or more families a single person a group of related or unrelated peoplePolygamy one person married to two or more persons of the opposite sexcommon in Muslim countries encouraged in early Mormons in the USAMonogamy one person married to another personCommunal Living sharing of all household responsibilities living and eating together HutteritesThe Legal FamilyCensus Family married couple commonlaw couple lone parent with at least one child in the same dwelling children included may be adopted by birth or marriage includes families which are made up of those who raise their grandchildrenUnited Church of Canada persons who are joined together by reasons of mutual consent marriage social contract covenant or by birth or adoption or placementCorrectional Service of Canada spouses commonlaw partners children parents fosterparents siblings grandparents and persons with whom in the opinion of the institutional head the inmate has a close familial bondLegal definitions are not fixed are not consistent across the countrySocial definitions of the familyNuclear family married parents and their children1Families of origin or orientation are those born into and raised in2Families of procreationthrough marriage or cohabitationSNAFStandard North American FamilyExtended family encompasses nuclear family and all other relativesPersonal definitions of the familyCould include a close friend could exclude a conflicting family member disowned could include or exclude divorced father could include stepfamiliesThinking about familiesTheory provides a general framework of ideas that can be used to answer questions about the worldShape government policy agency regulations methods of therapy and other ways society relates to familiesEach theory also has limitations tend to ignore some realities of family life or spatial mattersKeep in mind the following questions1How does the theory account for both change and continuity in family patterns
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