Textbook - Chapter 8 (Grey Power and the Sunset Years)

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Class FRHD1020 Couple and Family RelationshipsProfessorS MurrayTextbookThe Family DynamicA Canadian Perspective Fifth EditionAuthorsMargaret Ward and Marc BelangerPublisherNelsonISBN 9780176502003Chapter 8Grey Power and the Sunset Years Learning ObjectivesTo examine the lifestyle and family relationships of younger and older elderly people including variations among minority groupsTo look at aging and death in relation to the family life cycleTo discuss the implications of terminal illness and death for family membersTo explore policy issues concerning services for the elderlyWHAT IS OLDSocial time clocksense of age range in which certain life events are supposed to happen those appearing on time are less traumaticDIMENSIONS OF AGINGChronological physical psychological and socialconnected to our notions of the social time clockChronological AgeChronological age is the number of years a person has livedCertain privileges and responsibilities come with age pension driving testMedian retirement age is dropping1970s and 1980s was 65 1987 lowered to 60 and since then it has declined2005 age 61RRSP economic cutbacks layoffs options now have people able to retire between 55 and 64Most consider old age beginning at 65 which is relatively new standard1952old age pension given to residents over 70 1966 lowered to 65Before pension plans many worked as long as they could then depending on children or charity to surviveSurviving longer creates problems over who is eligible to fill certain agerelated rolesBox 81The Elderly in the PastRobert Millers will dated February 1 1971 died March 26 1871Physical AgeWhite hair wrinkles slow movement sex and class differences men with profession grey hair a mark of distinction men in manual labour sign of failing ability Greater crisis for womenPsychological AgePsychological age is a frame of mind and may be shown through old behaviour ie rocking chair knitting Some characteristics are cohort effectsbeing raised during WWII etcSocial AgeSocial age is based on cultural norms which specify how we should act when we are a certain age and how we should interact with people older and younger than ourselvesBoundaries may be blurred between periods of life Women born during 1800s could expect to be widows in their late 50stoday almost 70 Appropriate behaviour is also shifting active lifestylesTHE AGING IN CANADAPopulation of Canada is agingliving longer retiring swell number of seniorsSeniors made up 137 of population in 2006 2325 by 2031Beginning to describe individuals as youngold 6574 yrs middleold
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