Textbook - Chapter 12 (Family and Work)

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Class FRHD1020 Couple and Family RelationshipsProfessorS MurrayTextbookThe Family DynamicA Canadian Perspective Fifth EditionAuthorsMargaret Ward and Marc BelangerPublisherNelsonISBN 9780176502003Chapter 12 The Family and the World of Work Learning ObjectivesTo consider the history of daycare and its relation to womens workTo examine sources of stress in the interactions between work and family lifeTo explore the effect of unemployment on the familyTo look at the impact of worker burnout on the entire family Families affected by interplay between work and family responsibilitiesBetween 19982005 averageworkweek increased from 446 to 463 hours Health Canada has identified four aspects of the workfamily connectionrole overload worktofamily interference familytowork interference and caregiver strainIn 1941 less than 4 of married women had paid jobsSince 1984 married women have been more likely to be employed than the unmarriedQuebec has shown the greatest increase in working mothers of young children Greatest increase in women aged 2544 more likely to have children at homeIn 2006 694 of mothers with children aged 35 were in paid labour force including 643 with children under 3Combined paid work hours of couples increased from an average of 58 hours a week in 1976 to 65 hours in 2008More longer hours more stress From the ecological perspective individuals are members of various Microsystemsfamily work and community groupsThese Microsystems interact through the workfamilycommunity mesosystemAs work and home responsibilities change families must balance the time and commitment demands of their various rolesWhen the expectations of these roles make one or more of the roles difficult to manage then individuals experience worklife conflictThe relationship between work and family involves a number of facets care of family members time use relationships with partners household responsibilities unemployment and stress and burnoutTable 121Percentage of Adults Aged 25 and Over Who Are EmployedAge 2544Age 4554Age 5564MF MF MF19764999094568893047281981602901517885310707198666286255885930362619917048356438423245711996709829662824336537200175385972284239457620057708677568504686312006772868768851487628CARE FOR FAMILY MEMBERSCare of children disabled and elderly makes demands on family membersLittle consideration given between familywork and care of aging family members more attention paid to childcareBoth aspects depend on individuals choices workplace flexibility programs subsidies tax policies community resources
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