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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 1FRHD1020 North American Traditional Family includes father mother and their children Household refers to people who occupy the same dwelling and can consist of one or more families a single person or a group of related or unrelated people Polygamy family that has been based on one person married to several others of the opposite sex This is practiced in many Muslim countries and was encouraged among the early Mormons in the USMonogamy marriage to only one person at a time Communal Living a group of people who may or may not be related by birth or marriage sharing financial resources and living arrangements The Legal Familyy In Canada the term family differs according to who is defining it y Census is taken every 5 years and counts what it calls the census familyFamily members are also defines in a host of laws and regulations y People cannot marry certain categories of relatives parents brothers or sisterstoo closely related y Child Welfare Lawsdefine parents and specify which relatives are close enough to be allowed to adopt a child without agency approval y Immigration Lawconsiders certain relatives as close family members and thus to be given preference in entering the country y Government regulations determine family for servicesmedical and family benefits bereavement leave and special visiting programs in penitentiaries Legal definitions are not fixed but have changed as a result of court cases and legislation For example y Commonlaw spouses have been given many of the rights and responsibilities of married couples y In 2005 same sex marriages are legal across Canada Legal definitions are not consistent across the country or even within provinces which may lead to confusion about rights and responsibilities As well as deciding what government services will be provided to individuals legal definitions also what individuals are legally entitled to within their relationships Social Definitions of the Family Various groups and social institutions also define the family Various ethnic groups have different definitions familiesNuclear Family a family consisting of a husband wife and childrenAtandard North American Family SNAF
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