Chapter 2 notes - Week 2

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 2 Most important differences in family experiences is that between males and females These differences have 3 sources 1 The physical and genetic differences between the sexes2 The routine ways of behaving we develop over the years 3 Our individual ideas and values y Arise from both nature and nurtureSex refers to the biological differences between males and femalesSex hormones appear to affect brain development y Males tend to be better at tracking direction and in mentally manipulating objects y Females tend to be more fluent in language y Each gender responds differently to stress y Knowing the sex of an individual shapes how we behave toward that person even from the first moments of life y Often a double standard in sexuality where men have more freedom y In Canada there is equality among genders but each gender are often expected to behave in different waysGender Roles the socially approved ways of behaving as males and females in our society y Patterns of behaviour are learned and sustained through daytoday interaction with those around us Family is the first and most powerful socializer y Influence by parents may be limited if society disagrees y Child also influences the society y We also make our own decisions on how we behaveGender Differences and Family Relations y Gender difference affect the nature of relationships and all aspects of family life y Men are expected to make a living and protect the family from danger while women are to keep family peace and intimate relationships Communication y Males tend t be concerned with reasoned arguments and with their own or others power and authority y Females talk to form connections with others and tend to interrupt less y Females can read body language and communicate nonverbal language well especially regarding emotion y Females use intelligence interpersonal skills sexuality deception and avoidance to get what they want Sex
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