Chapter 3 - Getting Together

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 3Getting Together Courtship Arranged Marriages y Children were considered a family asset y Marriages were arranged by parents or matchmakers y May consider eligibility similarity of background horoscopes financial and social position and it the couple is fortunate the personalities y Arranged marriage considered to be unions of whole groupsthus extended family is involved in the couples relationship y If refuse to do arranged marriage family may isolate the individual or cause emotional even physical abuseEndogamy marriage within ones social group Datingy The rise of dating began after World War I ended y Men and women would go out alone together without any particular intention for marrying each other y The man would usually pay the costs Dating serves four functions 1 Can add to a persons status if the date is the right personsuch as the football hero 2 It can be a form of socialization because it provides opportunity for both sexes to learn how to get along with each other 3 Is a form of recreation4Can be part of courtship with the purpose or marriagey The person with the least to lose usually controls the relationship y By the 1960s earlier dating and going steady partners shifted to more varied and egalitarian practices with more sexual freedom y Internet has affected dating with Emails chat rooms message boards and webcams as they are more forms of communication as individuals seek to satisfy their need for interpersonal relatedness virtually some times even anonymouslyy Samesex dating may be difficult for teens and young adults and some may delay coming out due to fear of parents reactionsHomosexual being attracted sexually to someone of the same sexGay Male homosexual manLesbian homosexual woman
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