Chapter 3 - Couples and Families

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 4 The WeddingWedding ceremony has two functions 1 Public acknowledgement that a new family has been legally created 2 It is ritual marking the change in status and roles among all family membersy Marriage is a legal contract therefore governed by law y In Canada brothers and sisters cannot marry marriage to more than one person y A divorce or annulment is necessary before a married person can be married again y Both partners must be 18years old but one or both may be 16 with parental consent y Law governs who may become married and also states what happens to property is the marriage dissolves through death or divorceAdult Interdependent Relationships ActAlberta y Applied to unmarried samesex and opposite sex partners but might include other close relationships such as parent and child y Allowed them to be registered domestic partnership y Argues that allowing them to become registered spouses but not allowing them to marry was discriminatoryThe Civil Marriage Act became law on July 20 2005 y The lawful union of two persons to the exclusion of all othersIn marriage you have rights y Right to sexual access to the other y Right to be treated kindly y Right to expect faithfulness from each other May be granted a divorce if these are violatedMarriage Contract Prenuptial Agreement y Most contracts are drawn up for financial reasons and are used when one partner or both wishes to opt out of the provisions of family law y When a wealthy spouse marries someone with little money a contract may be drawn up limiting the share the poorer one can get if the marriage breaks upy A cohabitation agreement may be drawn up by commonlaw spouses outlining partners rights and responsibilitiesy The most important aspects of the agreement pertain to property and support rights
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