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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 3 Getting TogetherSetting the Family Cycle Turning y Courtship is also referred to as mate selection yAccording to Erik Erikson 1982 there are a few developmental tasks that are important in relationships o In young adulthood establishing intimacyo Building a foundation for the couples relationship Things such as communication and trust y In societies where couples do not have free choice of a partner shared experiences include expectations of their families and society at largeMate Selection and Society y Courtships are divided into two basic streams o Those decided by the couple o Those decided by the family y Family membership and responsibilities of individuals are key in a social security system y Marriages are mainly due to maintain appropriate status and to increase family economic wellbeingthere is y When social security system fails in an Asian Indian societyexpectation extended family members will help y When social security system fails in North American society society as a whole is expected to fill the gapThe Courtship Continuum y Arranged marriages and selfchosen unions y Marriage as exchange arranged marriages and marriage as shared emotion self chosen marriagesy Exchange theory men show off their material assets where as women show off their physical appearance sometimes their financial supportMatchmaker Matchmaker Arranging Marriages y Consideration done by matchmakers eligibility similar background horoscopes financial and social position and possibly personalities y Endogamy is allowing marriage to one at the same social level y Family is involved in couples relationship y In New France and Upper Canada people were encouraged to marry for family and property y Unmarried lost privilegesy Sikh immigrants to BC were not allowed to bring family with them or seek white women y Indians living in North America see marriage as a route to immigration in return the other mate offers their ability to earn a living and keep up religious traditions
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