Chapter 5 - Couples and Family

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 5Couples and FamilyMarket Event an event that signals a change in statusy Social pressure to have children Myth Motherhood is an instinct that can fulfill a woman in a way no other experience can y Also importance of having a child of each sex for a well rounded family But7 to 8 of Canadian couples do not have children y Fear that the husbandwife relationship will be damaged y Some women do not wish to sacrifice a career to which they are dedicated or moves for work y Some couples want to keep their options open for new experiences of all sorts y The voluntarily childless are more interested in learning about the world than in rearing the young y Some individuals do not have a partner with whom they want to have children with Until recently womens economic survival depended on marriage Mens power over womens sexuality and the resulting children were the price women paid for economic securityy The size of families has dropped from 4 children to 25y To replace population women must have 2 Children y Teenage pregnancies rose to 258 of every 1000 in 1981 to 133 in 2005 y Out of wedlock births to unwed mothers account for some of the fertilitywas illegitimate until 1974 A number of approaches to increasing the birth rate to replacement levels have been tried or approached such as y Baby bonus programshowed only slight increase followed by a decrease y Encouraging immigration of young people who are of an age to have children y Immigration is in fact helping to maintain Canadian populationA number of factors have led to couples choosing to have smaller families y Medical advancesInfant mortality declined contraception birth control abortion y General economic trendsy Various psychological reasonsstress close aged children may have a disadvantage Some pregnancies of single and married individuals are unwanted An expectant mother has 3 options Not having the baby giving the baby to someone else to raise or raising the baby herselfAmniocentesis a procedure in which some of the fluid surrounding the fetus is drawn off and examined under a microscope
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