Chapter 9 - Couple and Family Relations

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 9 In the past sociologists social workers and other concerns individuals referred to loneparent families as broken or incomplete as if something were missing or faultyStatistics Canadas definition of a loneparent family is A mother or father with no spouse or commonlaw partner present living in a dwelling with one or more children y Innocent victims usually endure fewer stigmas than people who are very depending on whether the lone parent is considered a victim of circumstances or the cause of the situation y Nevermarried mothers are seen as more responsible for their situation than abandoned wives or widowsSeveral factors are involved in the trend toward single parenthood y Increase in unmarried mothers y Individuals have also come to regard children as separate from marriage y Divorce rate has increased dramaticallyPath of Single ParenthoodSeveral patterns are noticeable in the length of lone parenthood
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