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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 12Couples and Familyy Increase in the number of women employed outside the home y Greatest increase in women working outside the home has been among those aged 25 to 44 whom are most likely to have children at home From the ecological perspective y The Microsystems interact through the workfamily community mesosystem y Work demands can influence the family and vice versa either positively or negatively The relationship between work and family involves a number of faucets y Care for the family y Time use y Relationships with partners y Household responsibilities y Unemployment y Stress and burnoutChildcare y Daycare centers were established only when it was seen to benefit to society either from the desire for better supervision of children or from the need for the mothers to join the workforce Childcare can be formal or informal y Informal arrangements are not subject to government regulationsy Formal arrangements are covered by regulations and include family daycare and daycare centersFormal childcare has greatly increased but not enough to meet demandsToday the levels and types of children provided vary There are several reasons for such differences 1 There is no national policy regarding daycare because daycare is a provincial responsibility 2 Social and political attitudes towards such care are mixedSeveral factors influence the type of childcare children receive y The age of the childy Location Eldercare y Increased responsibility for the care of elders is for families now y More often than men women put more hours into caring for elders y Women are more likely than men to miss work days and lose out on promotions than for elder care Work and Family Stress
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