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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 7Couple and Family Parent Generation at Midlifey Current midlife generation consists of the baby boomerslargest group in 1the populationof Canadians 3Like all major life changes family adaptation in the middle years contains a series of stressors Stressors a life event that can produce change in the family system y Older baby boomers the main concerns are focused on another person y Younger baby boomers report more interpersonal tensionsMidlife Time for Evaluation y Consider whether their lives have been fulfilling be examining work and family lives y Midlife occurs at about the same time their children are going through the transition to independence and their parents are entering the transition to retirementErik Erikson stated that the key issue in middle age 35 to 65 years old is Generativity a focus on ones legacyLong age span has been divided into 2 periods y Midlife evaluation and transition mid 40slate 50s y Time of liberation experimentation and innovation late 50searly 70sMidlife Crisis extreme strain as a person reevaluates his or her life in middle ageGenerativity can take various forms such as mentoring a relative or another young person through an organizationEmpty Nest Syndrome the depression and sense of uselessness some women experience when the last child leaves home From a developmental perspective emptying the nest is a significant and necessary taskA second part of evaluation is identity y Search for personal meaning y Baby boomers were first generation to first encourage women to develop their separate identities because they have entered the workforce and of high levels of divorceA third area is the development of a sense of confidence and competenceA final are is a growing sense of mortality
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