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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 14Couple and FamilyNormal Violencepushingsapping Abusive Violencebeating up a personViolence an act intended to physically hurt another personAbuse a situation in which a person takes advantage of a less powerful personCHILD ABUSEInfanticide the murder of a babyMost obvious forms of child abuse y Battering that produces serious physical injuries y Severe neglect y Sexual exploitationSince some forms of abuse are difficult to detect or prove they may not be included in official definitions y Emotional abuse y Psychological aggression y NeglectMost laws allows parents to use reasonable force against their children creating grey areasMost common type of child maltreatment investigated by child welfare authorities is neglect Usually only the most extreme cases of abuse are reported to police or child protection agencies There are various explanations for low reporting 1 Since child abuse if frowned on by society it may be hidden 2 Children may be too afraid or too young to disclose abuse 3 Professionals who see signs of abuse may not report the incidentmay not understand their responsibility to report abuse or they may not admit themselves that abuse is really happening 4 A parent or caregivers explanation for injuries may seem plausible so that no one become suspicious 5 People may feel it isnt their business and therefore fail to report may feel that reporting will not solve the problem or that it is not in the childs best interestChildren at risk of being abused include y Unwanted children
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