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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Chapter 15Couple and Family In early years of settlement y Public assistance was provided by local governments or charities on an emergency basis only y Little cash was provided partly because poverty was believed to result from bad budgetingSocial Safety Net basic social security programs needed to support family life y Mothers Pension Mothers Allowances were set up to help needy children y Applicants had to be of good character even have to provide a letter of reference y Also had to pass a means testMeans Test a method of screening applicants to ensure that only those who need financial assistance receive itDuring the Great Depression the federal government assumed a growing role as a provider of basic financial support to the many destitute familiesy Since WWII the pace of this involvement has increasedy In 1942 unemployment insurance was introduced y In 1944 the federal government introduced family allowances for each child up to 16 years of age y In 1972 a new Unemployment Insurance Act was introduced with universal coverage and benefits y In 1974 the federal Family Allowance Act was introduced to provide for an increased benefit per child subject to taxation y Since 2006 the Universal Child Care Benefit program has provided a taxable 100 per month to families for each child younger than 6 The basic needs poverty line is the cost of a list of basic needs required for longterm physical wellbeing Those needs include nutritious food purchased at a grocery store fulfilling all Canada Food Guide requirements rental accommodation clothing purchased new at major department stores household furnishings supplies personal hygiene items laundry insurance outofthepocket health costs such as medications dental and vision care and so on y Poverty is considered in relation to the income of the average Canadiany The poverty lines are set at a level where a family needs to spend more than 70 of its income on food clothing and shelterThree factors that influence the impact of poverty on families are 1 Its depthsrefers to the amount a family or individual income is below the poverty line 2 Its breadthrefers to other aspects associated with poverty such as illiteracy poor health and physical insecurity
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