Ch2. - Nutritious Guidelines: DRI Values and Canada's Food Guide

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1100
Laura E Forbes

Nutrition Reference Intakes and Planning Nutritious Diet st1 QuestionsWhat are the different DRI valuesWhat do they meanWhat are they used for Planning a healthy diet with Canadas food guideNutrition recommendation for Canadian DietHow much is enoughHealth professionals in Canada and US use the Dietary Reference Intakes DRIs which were developed in 1990s through a collaboration of US and Canadian efforts They replaced RDAs in US and RNIs in Canada Developed by the Institutes of Medicine DRISare a set a reference values for the intake of energy nutrients and food components that can be used for planning and assessing the diets of healthy people in North America CanadaUS Designed to promote health as well as prevent nutrient deficiencies In addition to the DRIs Canada made Canadas Food Guide a foodbased dietary pattern to promote healthy eating Canadas Food Guide central tool in promotion of nutrious eating Also advises how to use food labels to compare foods and make better food choices It is based on the DRI values and if follow it you will most likely get all nutrients required to be healthyQuestions1 List some reasons why populationwide nutritional recommendations are developed2 Describe 2 approaches that are taken to formulate nutrition recommendationsAnswers 1 First time nutritional recommendations were developed because after Industrial Revolution in England the gov wanted to know the least expensive way to keep its people alive and maintain the workforce After WW1 British Royal Society started to make recommendations about foods that would not only maintain life but also be protective of health Following this many governments of varies countries have established their own sets of dietary standards based on the nutritional problems and dietary patterns specific to their populations and interpretations of their scientists2 One way is the nutrientbased approach describes the amounts of individual nutrients that are needed e how much Vit C is needed The second is a foodbased approach in which Dietary Patterndescribes a way of eating that includes the types and amounts of recommended foods and foodgroups rather than individual nutrientsis recommended Foodbase approach also makes recommendations on which foods to eat and foods to avoid to reduce risk of chronic diseasesDietary Reference Intakes Designed to be used for planning and assessing the diets of healthy people NOT the ill
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