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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Tuuli Kukkonen

02/10/2012 FRHD 2100 Development of Human Sexuality Lecture 8: Life Cycle October 3, 2012 Professor: Dr. Tuuli Kukkonen Office Hours: Wed. 2:30-4:00 Office: MINS 137 Phone: ext.53345 Email: [email protected] Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition University of Guelph Question According to the text, a major developmental task related to sexuality during early childhood (ages 2-5) is: a) The ability to identify male and female b) A well developed sense of gender identity c) Development of the capacity to experience sensory pleasure d) Development of the basic understanding of sexual orientation Question According to Monday’s lecture on childhood sexuality, which of the following statements is false? a) Male fetuses can have erections in utero b) Masturbation in children can be a form of self-soothing c) The majority of children will never engage in genital exploration d) There is very little research on positive sexual experiences in childhood 1 02/10/2012 Puberty Think back to puberty. What do you wish you had known? Sex is fun and isn’t a bad thing! Masturbation isn’t wrong or sinful Puberty is not as gross and awkward as you think It’s ok to talk about sex About contraception and STI prevention About bodily changes About techniques (how to masturbate) Raging hormones and mood swings are normal and will eventually change Sexuality and Aging Myths about Sex and the Elderly 2 02/10/2012 STIs and Aging  8-9% of 60+ year olds were sexually active with two or more partners over 5 year span (Leigh et al., 1993)  9.1% of all STI cases in China are reported in individuals aged 50 and older Pearline et al., 2010 Why are STI rates increasing? Factor
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