Chapter 4

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Sex Class Chapter 4Sexual Arousal and ResponseSenses and Sexual Arousal Women tend to subconsciously ornament themselves more during more fertile stages of their cycle vs luteal stagesMens mate retention efforts increase as their partner reaches ovulation Natural odors play a role in sexual attraction and arousal in some societies genital secretions are considered aphrodisiacs Pheromones chemical substances secreted that convey information toproduce responses from other members of the same species Detected through the VNOvomeronasal organ is found in the mucosal lining of the noseInfants use pheromones to recognize their mother and it is suggested we use them in selecting a mate Exposure to other womans sweat can alter their menstrual cycleconverging cycles after 3 months of exposure Belief that body odor plays a role in the selection of a sexual partneroHeterosexual malesfemales and lesbians preferred axillary odors from heterosexual males vs homosexual males oHomosexual males preferred axillary odors from homosexual males oHeterosexual malesfemales and lesbians preferred axillary odors from lesbians vs homosexual males oHeterosexual males preferred axillary odors from lesbians vs homosexual males Erogenous zones very responsive to tactile sexual stimulation Primary Erogenous zones erotically sensitive because they are rich with nerve endings EX Genitals thighs perineum breasts ears mouth lips Secondary Erogenous zones become erotically sensitive through experience EX Caresses in a certain place can be associated with sex if it regularly precedes direct sexual interaction Savory sex Some people are aroused by the taste of genital secretions no evidence that these secretions are laced with any chemical linked to arousal Most likely a learned responseAphrodisiacs Anaphrodisiacs and Psychoactive DrugsDrugs and psychoactive substances may have effects on sexual arousal and response
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