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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
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Chapter 1 Canadians vs AmericansCanadians marry laterAmericans have more teen pregnancyMore Americans 39 than Canadians 33 attend university shortly after high schoolIncome plays a larger role in determining if someone attends university in the USAmericans go to church moreCultural gap is increasingCanadians are more liberal and tolerant than AmericansMore Canadians are more accepting of premarital sexCanada was fourth country to legalize same sex marriageSexuality and Values Sexuality and EthicsThe ethics of divinity are based on a fundamentalist belief in a natural law of right and wronglawbreakers are sinners sex should only occur in marriageThe ethics of community are based on what is perceived as the greater good for the communitylaws against rape but wide variation among societies regarding what is acceptable sexual behaviourEthics of autonomy value rights and freedoms of individualssexual satisfaction as long as you dont impede the rights of others Ethics and Sexual RightsGender equality must be advancedSexual violence and abuse should be eliminatedUniversal access to comprehensive sexuality education must be providedReproductive health programs must be broadened to include broader sexual issuesHIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases should be halted and their effects reversedSexual concerns and dysfunctions must be identified and treatedSexual pleasure needs to be recognized as a component of wellbeingWASH principles World Association for Sexual Health Sexuality and SpiritualityBelief that sexual relations can be more fulfilling when they extend beyond the purely physical aspectsthe techniques of sex which are emphasized in many sex manualsMany people want to transform their sex routine into a spiritual experience that makes them feel utterly alivetantric sex prolongs sexual union as a way to achieve heightened consciousness and enlightenment
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