FRHD2100- chapter 3

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Development of Human Sexuality Chapter 3 Female and Male Anatomy and Physiology Female Anatomy and PhysiologyExternal Sex OrgansCollectively the external structures are termed the vulva There are many variations in appearance and a womans attitude toward her genitals is likely to reflect her general self concept and early childhood messages Diagram page 58 o The Mons Veneris y Fatty tissue that covers the joints of the pubic bones below the abdomen and above the clity Cushions a womans body during intercoursey Ample supply of nerve endings o The Labia Majoray Large folds of skin that run downward from the mons along the sides of the vulvay Outer surface covered with pubic hair and darker skin than the thighs or labia minoray Inner surface hairless and lighter in coloury Ample supply of nerve endingsy Increasingly common practise in western cultures is to remove the hair from the labia majorao The Labia Minora y Hairless lighter coloured membranes located between the majora lipsy Surround the urethral and vaginal openingsy Differ in appearance from woman to womany Highly sensitive when stimulated they darken and swell indicating engorgement with bloodo The Clitoris y Only sex organ whose only known function is pleasurey Most sensitive to touchy 25cm long and 05cm widey The shaft consists of erectile tissue that contain two spongey masses called corpora cavernosa that fill with blood and become erect when stimulatedy Prepuce also known as the hood covers the clitoral shafty Homologous seminal in structure the penis and clitoris both develop from the same embryonic tissue o The Vestibuley The area within the labia minora that contains the openings to the vagina and urethrao The Urethral Opening y Where urine passes from It is connected to the bladder by the short tube called the urethra where urine collectsy Located below the clitoris and above the vaginal openingy Urinary tract comprised of the urethra bladder and kidneys Prone to infection from bacteria transmitted from the vagina or rectumy Cystitis bladder infection caused by stimulation with dirty hands or anal to vaginal intercourseSymptoms burning and frequent urinationy Precautions to avoid bladder inflammation page 62o The Vaginal Opening y Introitus vaginal openingy Larger than the urethral opening and resembles the shape of the hymeny Hymen fold of tissue across the vaginal opening that is present at birth and remains at least partially intact until coitus maidenhead Presence has been taken as proof of virginity however this is not accurate as there are many other things that can cause the hymen to be puncturedy Prineum tissue between the opening and the anusRich in nerve endings Sometimes punctured to assist in child birthStructures that Underlie the External Sex Organso Sphincters muscular rings that constrict bodily openings including the vagina and anal openingso Crura resembles legs and attached the clitoris to the public boneesticular bulbs attached to the clit and extend downwardo y Active during sexual arousalo Bartholin glands inside the minor lips y active during sexual arousaly secrete fluid just before orgasmo engorgement of the vaginal tissues during sexual excitement results in a form of sweating by the vaginal wallInternal Sex Organs o The Vagina
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