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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

What is Human Sexuality 1242012 125900 PM Sex derives from the latin roots meaning to cut or dividesignifies the division of organisms into males and females o Gender ones personal social and legal status as male or female o Refers to our gender o Refers to our sexual organs o Refers to physical activities such as sexual intercoursecoitus masturbation hugging o Can relate to erotic arousing sexual feelings or desires feelingso Sexual behaviour includes but is not limited to behaviour involving reproduction o Foreplay mutual sexual stimulation that may or may not lead to intercourseHuman Sexuality the ways in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings Sex as LeisureSex is leisure when it is voluntary not work and serves some personal needAt its most basic level sex provides physical pleasureSelfactualization a state in which a person is comfortable with his or her sexualityMeany and Rye argue that learning ones sexual likes and dislikes can lead to self actualization The Study of Human SexualitySome organizations promoting sex research and sex education o Sex Information and council of Canada o The Society for the Scientific study of sexuality oCanadian Society and Sexuality2 thirds of population growth is from immigrationimmigrants are 20 of the population and 50of Torontos populationvalues qualities of life that are deemed important or unimportant right or wrong desirable or undesirable of young people born in Canada have sex before the age of 20 o young people not born in Canada thenumber is less than halfchildren of immigrant parents often get caught in a culture clash Comparing Canada with Other Countrieswestern countries with higher gender equality had higher rates of sexual satisfactionlowest levels of sexual satisfaction were found in Indonesia and japanin general men reported higher rates than womenbirth rate in Canada is lower than the states and Canadian women marry later than American womenmore Americans attend university shortly after high schoolour society is pluralisticit accepts a wide range of beliefs and valuesSexuality and EthicsSome sexual choices can have negative consequences for individuals o So all societies have restrictions on certain sexual behavioursThe World Association for Sexual Health has been at the forefront in promoting sexual rightsMany developing countries are offended by many of washes principles Sexuality and SpiritualityMany researchers believe that sexual relations can be more fulfilling when extended beyond the purely physical aspectsResearchers argue that many people want to transform their sex routine into a spiritual experiencetantric sex based on tantric yoga stemming from religious practices in India emphasizes prolonged sexual union as a way to achieve heightened consciousness and enlightenment Thinking Critically About Human SexualityPrinciples of critical thinking o Be skeptical
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