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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

1312012 70000 PM Prostitution Prostitutionthe sale of sexual activity for money or goods of value ie drugsStrip ClubsMany strip club employees limit their activity to dancing and taking off their clothesOthers do lap dancesProstitution and the Law in CanadaProstitution itself is legal but all activities involved with it are illegalThe Criminal Code prohibitsTransporting or directing another person to a place within which acts of sex for payment occurKeeping living in being found in or allowing a place to be used for this purposeProcuring and living off the avails of prostitutionIn other words it is illegal to engage in activities that facilitate prostitution or to be in a house of prostitutionPolice in Canada go undercover to catch prostitutesIn 2007 a small group of lawyers and sex workers challenged prostitutions laws they argued that the laws contribute to violence against prostitutes and thus the harm caused by the laws outweigh the benefits to society They arguedThe law against communication precents sex workers from screening potentially violent clientsThe law against bawdy houses inhibits sex workers from working in an indoors environment safer than the streetsThe law against living off the avails of prostitution is too broad it prevents sex workers from hiring security personnel such as escorts who would in turn hire drivers for the sex workersJohn SchoolsFor men who have no criminal record but who are charged for communicating for the purposes of prostitutionIn return for attending the daylong school charges are droppedCanadian Attitudes Toward ProstitutionThe majority of Canadians are in favor of legalizing prostitution as long as it is regulated by health authorities
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