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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Chapter 1 Human Sexuality Sex: Word derives from Latin roots that mean to cut or divide dignifying the division of organisms into male and female Refers to our gender Refer to those anatomic structures, called sex organs, that play a role in reproduction or sexual pleasure Gender: ones personal, social, and legal status as male or female Our sex organs are engaged in for purposes of reproduction or pleasure: masturbation, hugging, kissing, coitus, and so on Coitus: sexual intercourse Erotic: arousing sexual feelings or desires Sexual behaviour: Behaviour involving reproduction Masturbation Kissing, hugging Manual manipulation of the genitals, oral-genital contact Foreplay: mutual sexual stimulation that may or may not lead to sexual intercourse Human Sexuality: the ways in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings Sex and Leisure Sex is a fun and healthy activity that can be defined as leisure when voluntary Serves some personal needs too Sex provides physial pleasure Sexuality can be a key component of personality development as one discovers which sexual activities are enjoyable and with whom they can be enjoyable Important part of our identity Learning about ones sexual likes and dislikes through experimentation can lead to sexual self-actualization, a state in which a person is comfortable with his or her sexuality They Study of Human Sexuality Sexual behaviour reflects our biological capabilities, our psychological characteristics, and social and cultural influences Biologists inform us about the physiological mechanisms of sexual arousal and response Canadian Society and Sexuality Values: the qualities in life that are deemed important or unimportant, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable Immigrants often differ from those of people born in Canada South Asian communities have arranged marriages that are still fairly common Muslim maintain the practice of female circumcision a procedure usually performed on young girls that involves surgical removal of the clitoris and in some cases parts of the labia. (often referred to as genital mutilation contrary to Canadian values) Sexual attitudes and behaviours of immigrants are more conservative that the rest of Canadian society Among young people born in Canada who are between the ages of 20 and 24, about three-quarters had their first sexual intercourse before the age 20 Children of immigrant parents often get caught in a culture clash between the traditional values of their parents and the more permissive values of Canadian society Comparing Canada with Other Countries In general, men reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction than did women In societies that have greater gender equality, sexual pleasure is considered as important for women as it is for men In male-centered cultures where sex is more reproduction-focused, sexual pleasure for women is not considered to be important Canada Vs. the US The birth rate in Canada is lower than that in the US, especially for women in their twenties, because Canadian women marry later Teenage pregnancy rate is much higher in the US Population growth in Canada is more dependent on immigration from other countries than in the US Canada has adopted a multiculturalism as an official policy. Canadian society openly accepting of differing cultural attitudes and traditions as espoused by diverse immigrant groups US melting pot theory, which encourages immigrants to adapt to American ways of thinking and acting Sexuality issues: Candians are somewhat more liberal than the US Canadians (80%) are more accepting of premarital sex than are Americans (64%)Two major concerns of Christian fundamentalists have been the banning of same sex marriage and the restriction of abortion rights. Sexuality, Values, and Ethics Our society embraces a wide range of sexual attitudes and values. There are three distinct ethical frameworks: the ethics of divinity, community, and autonomy. Ethics of divinity - based on fundamental belief in a natural law of right and wrong Ethics of Community based on what is perceived as the greater good for the community Ethics of Autonomy: value the rights and freedoms of individuals The World Association for Sexual Health (WASH) has been at the forefront in promoting sexual rights. To achieve this goal of sexual rights for all, WASH assumed the following principles: Gender equality must be advanced Sexual violence and abuse should be eliminated Universal access to comprehensive sexuality education must be provided Reproductive health programs must be broadened to include broader sexual
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