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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Chapter 4 FRHD Sexual Arousal and Response Making Sense of Sex: The Role of the Sense in Sexual Arousal Senses vision, hearing, smell, tastes, and the skin senses, which include that all- important sense of touch Visual: Visual cues can be sexual turn-ons Physiological response of males to slides of partially clothed women, researchers at Queens Universtoyy found that penile response was greater to the slides of the more attractive women Though both genders can be sexually aroused by visual erotica, men are more interested in it Smell: Genital secretions are considered aphrodisiacs Aphrodisiacs: any drug or other agent that is sexually arousing or increases sexual desire Pheromones: chemical substances that are secreted externally bt certain animals and that convey information to, or produce specific responses in, other members of the same species Detected through a sixth sense the vomeronasal organ (VNO) VNOs n the mucous lining of the nose recognize their mothers, and adults might respond to them in seeking a mate Winnifred Cutler and her colleagues had heterosexual wear a suspected male pheromone, and a control group wore a placebo. Men using the pheromone increased their frequency of sexual intercourse with their female partners but did not increase the frequency of masturbation Concluded that the substance increased the sexual attractiveness of the men to their partners, although they did not claim that it directly stimulated sexual behaviour 75% of the women who used the suspected pheromone showed significant increases in their frequency of sexual intercourse, sleeping next to a partner, formal dates, kissing, petting, and other displays of affection compared with 25% of the users of the placebo. Menstrual Synchrony 80% of the women who dabbed their upper lips with an extract perspiration form other women began to masturbate in sync with the cycles of the donors after about three menstrual cycles Attraction to-or Dislike of Body Odours of Heterosexual Males and Females Vs Gay Males and Lesbians Body odours play a role in the selection of sex partners Researchers had a number of interesting findings, as follows: Heterosexual males and females, and lesbian, preferred axillary odours taken from heterosexual males over those take from gay males Gay males preferred axiallry odours taken from other gay males Heterosexual males and females and lesbians aged 25 and older preferred axillary odoirs taken from lesbians to those from gay males Heterosexual females, lesbians, all groups except heterosexual males preferred the odours from heterosexual females Heterosexual males preferred the odour from lesbians over the odour taken from gay male donors Gay males and lesbians may produce axillary odors that can be distinguished from those of heterosexuals. Gay males may perceive these typical odorants differently from the way in which heterosexual males do Gay males are most likely to be attracted to the body odours of other gay males, and that heterosexual males are least likely to prefer the body odors of gay males The Skin Senses: Sex as a Touching Experience Erogenous Zones: parts of the body that are especially sensitive to tactile stimulation Primary Erogenous Zones: erogenous zones that are particularly sensitive because they are richly endowed with nerve endings Include the genitals, the inner thighs, perineum, buttocks, anus, the breasts, (especially the nipples), the ear (especially the ear lobes), the mouth, lips, tongue, the neck, the navel, and the armpits Secondary Erogenous Zones: parts of the body that become erotically sensitized through experience Taste: Some people are sexually aroused by the taste of genital secretions Hearing: Sounds can be tunr-offs or turn-ons Aphrodisiacs Aphrodisiacs a substance that arouses or increases ones capacity for sexual pleasure or response The drug agrinine (snappers or poppers) an amino acid extracted from the African yohimbe tree, does stimulate blood flow to the genitals Amyl nitrate has been used, mostly by gay men but also by some heterosexuals, in the belief that is heightens sensation of arousal and orgasm Poppers dilate blood vessels in he brain and genitals, producing sensations of warmth in the pelvis and possibly facilitating erection and prolonging orgasm Helping reduce heart pain Inhaled from helping ampoules that pop open for rapid use when heart pain occurs Can cause dizziness, fainting, and migraine type headaches Viagra: A treatment of angina Increase the blood flow to the heath More effective at dilating blood vessels in the genital organs, thereby facilitating vasocongestion and erection in the male Levitra and Cialis are treatments fro erectile dysfunction Neurotransmitter dopamine, antidepressant drug bupropion, L-Dopa, can all increase the sex drive. The potent chemical aphrodisiac may be naturally occurring substance in the body the hormone testosterone. Fuel of sexual desire in both males and females Exercise not only enhances general health, but also boosts energy and increases the sex drive in both genders. Novelty repeated exposure resulted in diminishing penile response. Anaphrodisiacs: drugs or other agents whose effects are antagonistic to sexual desire or sexual desire Potassium nitrate (saltpeter) Saltpeter does nto directly dampen sexual response as a dieuretic that can increase the need to urinate, it indirectly diminishes sexual response by making the thought of sex unappealing Tranquillizers and central nervous system depressants, such as barbiturates, can reduce sexual desire and impair sexual performance These drugs may paradoxically enhance sexual arousal in some people, however, lessening sexual inhibitors or fear of possible reprecussions from sexual activity
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