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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Chapter 8 – Sexual Techniques and Behaviour Patterns Solitary Sexual Behaviour Sexual Fantasy  People may use sexual fantasies when they are alone or to heighten sexual excitement with a partner  Masturbation often require some form of cognitive stimulation, such as indulging in a favourite fantasy or reading or viewing erotica  Most common fantasy was about one’s boyfriend is not consistent with studies of married women  Married women reported commonly fantasizing about other men rather than their husband  Males in particular fantasized more than females about having many partners and about engaging in oral and anal sex  Most positive feelings were experienced for fantasies involving a loved one and more negative feelings were experienced for fantasies involving casual sex  Having intercourse with a loved one was the most common fantasy of both genders  Men were more likely than women to have fantasies of anonymous sex and sex with multiple partners Masturbation fantasies serve several functions:  Increase or facilitate sexual arousal  Permit us to deviate from traditional gender roles  Happier the women were with their relationship, the more likely they were to fantasize about common activities with their partners Sexual Dreams  Generally dream about behaviours they had engaged in with a partner than untried behaviours  Females were more likely to dream about a current partner, whereas the males were more likely to dream about someone other than their partner Masturbation: sexual self-stimulation Dildo: a penis-shaped object used in sexual activity  Students who had masturbated, men did so more often than women  As age increases, so does the proportion of people who masturbate Masturbation Techniques Used By Females  Women varied in the tempo and style of their self-caresses  Most women masturbate by massaging the mons, labia, minora, and clitoral region with circular or back and forth motion Sexual Behaviours With Others Foreplay Foreplay: physical interactions that are sexually stimulating and set the stage for intercourse  Women usually require a longer period of stimulation during sex with a partner to reach orgasm, increasing the duration of foreplay may increase female coital responsiveness Tantric Sex  Type of sexual lovemaking that emphasizing prolonged foreplay  Based on Eastern spiritual philosophies that promote the integration of the mind and the body  Tantric sex focuses on sexual union as a spiritual connection leading to heightened sexual pleasure and ecstasy  Include deep breathing, a slowing down of the sexual process, and delayed ejaculation for men Kissing Simple Kissing – the partners keep their mouths closed Deep Kissing – (French Kissing, Soul Kissing) the partners part their lips and insert their tongues into each other’s mouths Touching  Hands are very rich in nerve endings  Both men and women generally prefer manual or oral stimulation of the genitals as a prelude to intercourse  Men typically prefer direct stroking of their genitals by their partner early in lovemaking  Women prefer that their partners caress their genitals after a period of general body contact that includes holding, hugging, and non-genital massage Stimulation of the Breasts  Men are more likely to stimulate women’s breasts than to enjoy having their own breasts fondled, even though the breasts (especially the nipples) are erotically sensitive in both sexes Gay Males and Stimulation of the Breasts
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