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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Chapter 17 – Commercial Sex Prostitution: the sale of sexual activity for money or goods of value, such as drugs Criminal code prohibits: 1. Transporting or directing, or offering to transport or direct, another person to a common bawdy house (establishments within which acts of sex for payment occur) 2. Keeping, being an inmate of, being found without lawful excuse in, or allowing a place to be used for the purpose of a common bawdy house 3. Procuring and living off the avails of prostitution  Owners of escort agencies and the escorts themselves register with the local police and pay a licensing fee  Also required to keep records of clients’ names and addresses  Attempts over the years to legalize prostitution in Canada have all been resisted by government leaders  Because o concern over a high number of deaths among prostitutes in Vancouver and Edmonton, the Canadian Parliament voted in 2003 to establish a Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws John Schools  For men who have no previous criminal record but who are charged with communicating for the purposes of prostitution  Day-long school that charges against the clients are erased from the official court record  Receive lectures on sexually transmitted infections, and, in some instances, community representatives talk about the impact of street prostitution on their communities  Men are expected to provide a donation to help support the program Canadian Attitudes Toward Prostitution  Majorit of Canadians are in gavour of legalizing prostitution  2/3 of respondents support legalizing prostitution if it is regulated by health authorities Types of Female Prostitutes Streetwalkers: prostitutes who solicit customers on the street  Bottom rung of hierarchy of prostitutes  Earn the lowest incomes, usually least desirable and greatest risk of abuse by customers and pimps Pimps: men who serve as agents for prostitutes and live off their earnings Brothel Prostitution – occupy a middle position in he hierarchy of prostitutes; work in a brothel or a massage parlour Escort Services – fronts for prostitution  Prostitutes who work for escort services often come from middle-class backgrounds and are well educated Call Girls: prostitutes who arrange for their sexual contacts by telephone. Call refers both to telephone calls and to being “on call”.  Highest rungs  Overlap with escorts  Attractive and well-educated prostitutes and tend to charge more for their services  From middle-class backgrounds  Usually work on their own  Give clients the feeling that they are important or attractive  Call girls may insist on seeing a client’s business card or learning his home telephone number before personal contact is made Characteristics of Female Prostitutes  Poverty and sexual and/or physical abuse figure prominently in the backgrounds of many prostitutes  Conflict-ridden or single-parent homes in poor urban areas of rural farming communities Customers of Female Prostitutes  Average age is 38  More than half were married or in a serious relationship  Income, education, and ethnic background were similar to the Vancouver population  Most common reason given for their first visit to a sex worker was their availability and visibility  The second reason given was that their decision for doing so was spontaneous  “Occasional johns” may include traveling salesmen or military personnel  “Habitual Johns” use prostitutes as their major or exclusive sexual outlet  Never established an intimate sexual relationship  “Compulsive Johns” feel driven to prostitutes to meet some psychological or sexual need Whore-Madonna Complex: a rigid stereotyping of women as
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