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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

History of Sexuality Chapter One Chapter one provides you with information about what human sexuality is and its history. The chronicle of its development is interesting in and of itself. As you look through the different stages note the similarities between each period and some of the similarities between then and now. One would be the “phallus” as a symbol of sex and potency. Note that women used contraception devices although there was great value in having as many children as possible. In a rural farming environment it would be important to have many children to help run the family farm. Beginning Evolution: the evolution of the upright posture changed the way humans engage in sexual intercourse Phallus: the male symbol of sex and potency, associated with displays of aggression Upright female form easily available for stimulation AAncient Mediterranean First codes of law began to develop Ancient medical texts discussed cures for STI’s Male circumcision first performed in Egypt and possibly Africa Women inserted sponges and other objects into their vaginas for contraception Great value having as many children as possible Prostitution common History talks of men’s experience, women silent Egyptians condemned adultery but appears to have been common Interaction of Hebrew, Greek and Roman Contributions to western society The Hebrew Bible contains explicit rules about sexual behaviour concerning adultery, same sex intercourse and incest adultery, same sex intercourse and incest Has formed the basis of sexual attitudes in the west for centuries Greece (1000-200 BC) More sexually permissive with respect to rape, incest and bestiality Greek pederasty is a natural form of sexuality practised by Plato and Socrates Greek pederasty: an older man would befriend a post-pubescent boy, would assist with intellectual, physical and sexual development. They would engage in sexual activity with one another*** Love in Greece was discussed in homoerotic terms; Plato described true love as non-sexual love between to men…platonic Also strong love between man and woman Rome Marriage and sexual relations were viewed as way to improve one’s economic and social standing. Love viewed as secondary to fairness, respect, mutual consideration in marriage Permissive attitudes toward same-sex behaviour *** When you think of an older man befriending a young person and engaging in sexual activity what comes to mind. In this era, it was an opportunity for the young men to gain access to education and society. His family also benefitted as there was a financial transaction involved. Sexuality in Ancient Asia Joining the masculine with feminine principles, yin and yang Numerous detailed sex manuals Stress importance of the female orgasm, joining of yin and yang Same-sex relations not discouraged but viewed as a waste of sperm Development of aphrodisiacs and sexual devices Average middle class man had between 3 and 12 wives India Concentrates on karma: an individual’s cycle of birth and rebirth Karma involves a belief that suffering in a future life punishes a person’s unjust deeds in this life Sex viewed as positive pursuit Social system basically patriarchal, being born woman seen as punishment for Social system basically patriarchal, being born woman seen as punishment for sins committed in previous life,
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