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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Chapter 14 -Sexually Transmitted Infections The following notes are meant to be a guideline while you review the chapter. Highest rate of STI found between individuals ages 15 and 24 Communication STI’s are communicated through sexual contact HIV/Aids also transmitted in other ways Aids- viral hepatitis spread by sharing of contaminated needles Crabs picked up in bedding, moist towels, these organism remain live for some time STI’s are rampant world wide – 333 million case world wide of curable STI’s General info Fisher & Boroditsky, 2000 17 % of Canadian women diagnosed with STI Most common form, chlamydia (59%) HPV (genital warts) 21 % Some may not produce observable symptoms, All can be harmful if not treated, pain, deadly and linked to infertility Several types of bacterial and viral infections Bacterial Infections single cell micro organism Gonorrhea – discharge and/or burning during urination Untreated – pelvic inflammatory disease or infertility may occur Requires a most, warm environment such as a mucous membrane of the urinary tract or women’s cervix Transmitted by unprotected vaginal, oral or anal sexually activity Can be transmitted from mom to newborn baby – drops for eyes, silver nitrate or penicillin Diagnosis and early treatment cures 90 % of cases Diagnoses through clinical inspection by a doctor, culturing and examination of genital discharge Treated with anti-biotic Syphilis Corkscrew-like shape of microscopic organism Incidence of syphilis decreased in Canada with introduction of penicillin Recent years, an increase among males has been observed. Increase has been in the area of sex trade workers and their clients, gay men, heterosexuals not using condoms, street youth, use of shared needles among infected individuals Effects include heart disease, blindness, gross confusion, death Transmitted through vaginal and anal intercourse, oral genital, oral-anal contact with an infected person Transmitted through open lesions on infected person during sexually contact Touching infected syphilis chancre Can be transmitted by pregnant woman to fetus across placental membrane, Side effects for infant, miscarriage, still birth, congenital syphilis Fetus likely not impacted if mother treated before four months of pregnancy Congenital syphilis includes impaired vision, hearing or deformation of bones and teeth Diagnosed by clinical examination and testing of fluids Penicillin is treatment of choice Chlamydia Most common, bacterial STI Caused by chlamydic trachomatis Parasitic organism survive with cells Causes several different types of infection Transmission through vaginal or anal intercourse Eye infections can occur if touch eye after genital contact Oral sex can infect partners throat Newborns can contract eye infections as they pass through cervix of infected woman Men – thin, whitish discharge from penis Burning or other pain during urination, soreness in the scrotum, feelings of heaviness in testes Those age 20 24 most risk – related to high level of sexual activity Women may experience: infection of urethra or cervix, may experience burning during urination and genital irritation, mild vaginal discharge Likely pelvic pain Irregular menstrual cycle Cervix may be swollen and inflamed Silent disease – 25 % men, 70 % woman – no symptoms Antibiot
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