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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Chapter 15 - Atypical Sexual Variations The following are key issues in this chapter. Use them as a guideline while you are reading the textbook. Normal vs. Deviant Paraphillia – diagnostic category of medical illness Describes atypical patterns of sexual arousal Behaviour that becomes problematic in the eyes of individuals or society Urges repeat themselves and feel need to act upon them Often distressing to the individual Suggested they may be a type of sexual compulsion or addiction Paraphillia differs in individuals in terms of severity Varies from fantasy to only means of obtaining sexual gratification Typically replays activity in fantasy to stimulate arousal during sexual relations or fantasy Generally victimless but not always Linked to poor social skills and ability to relate to others Types Fetishm – involves object, usually clothing for masturbation or sexual relations with willing partner transvestism – sexually aroused by wearing clothing, object is only sexually alluring when on Individuals heterosexual, often married Likely to be oldest or only children Behaviours range from single garments when alone, to dressing with wigs,makeup and female mannerisms Some enjoy attracting unsuspecting males Majority do not engage in anti-social or illegal behaviour Exhibitionism – fantasy – involving exposing one’s genitals Preferred victims – typically girls or young women Drives by or walks up and exposes penis After victim registers fear, disgust, covers self and leaves – related to feelings of inadequacy obscene telephone calls Characterized by making obscene telephone calls Patterns from single to harassing calls Typically socially inadequate heterosexual Voyeurism Involves strong negative urges to observe unsuspecting strangers Primarily among males, most non-violent Harbour feelings of male inadequacy Less sexually experienced Less likely to be marries Some assault or rape Sexual Masochism Associated pain or humiliation with sexual arousal Persistent urges or fantasies re: bondage, flogging, humiliation Only paraphilia behaviour found among women with some frequency Pain has erotic value within sexual context Erotization of mild fears of pain, i.e. “love bites” may fall within range of normal variations Boundary between normality and abnormality is breached when pain for the purpose of sexual arousal becomes so strong that it over shadows other sources of sexual stimulation Sadomasochism – mutually gratifying sexual interaction between consenting partners, occasion quite common among general population Becomes pathological, acted
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