FRHD 2280 Chapter 9: Textbook Notes- Chapter 9

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2280
Carol Anne Hendry

Chapter 9: Love and Sexuality (Second half: pages 258 275) Semirestrictive Cultures Prohibitions on premarital adolescent sex Adults in these cultures tend to ignore evidence of premarital sex as long as young people are fairly discreet If pregnancy results from sex forced to get married Permissive Cultures Encourage and expect premarital sex In some sexual behaviours even encouraged in childhood (people of trobriand islands girls as young as 68, boys 1012 receive explicit instructions from older campaigns and even engage) Now a days these cultures are less permissive Note: American society viewed as more restrictive in 1951, Now a days less restrictive and more semirestrictive. Even though parents usually dont approve they usually understand that it will happen and look the other way. 60 of adults thought premarital sex among teens ewes wrong (early adolescents but not necessarily late adolescents) Pre marital sex in nonwestern countries Similar, it is common like in western countries but somewhat less in South America. Big difference than in countries like Brazil and Chile suggest adolescent males over exaggerate and females under exaggerate Less common in Asian countries female virginity emphasized before marriage is strong Arab countries even lower severe penalties for girls who violate this Gender and the Meaning of Sex Gender double standards exist in the West as well towards adolescent sexuality Different sexual scripts different cognitive frameworks for how a sexual experience is suppose to proceed and is interpreted o Boys make first move (expected by both) o Girl are suppose to set the limits on how far sexual episodes progresses o Girls more likely to have sexual scripts with romance, friendship, emotional intimacy o Boys scripts sexual attraction overweighs emotional factors Difference in responses to first sexual intercourse o Boys highly positive: excitement, satisfaction, happiness, and pride leading to telling friends o Girls more ambivalent, almost half indicate reason was love affection for partner, compared to of men. Less likely to find it physically or emotionally satisfying. Many report feeling happy or excited about it, while more afraid, worried, guilty and concerns about pregnancy. Girls less likely to tell friends o Difference in ambivalent based on girls being able to get pregnant or boys cant girls do it less if not in committed relationship o Cultural differences more important than biological differences o More disproved for girls than boys in west double standard viewed as bad, unlovable find difficult to experience their sexuality as a source of please and joy. Characteristics of Sexually Active Adolescents Most 912 year olds havent had sex Similar characteristics in high school of self esteem and overall life satisfaction for adolescents that have sex and dont Virgins more likely to be late maturing in pubertal development, higher academic performance, and academic aspirations, conservative, religious
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