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Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 2280
O' Brien

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1FRHD 2280 Adolescent Development Chapter 1 Adolescence Past Present and Future Adolescence Word comes from the same Latin root as the word adult adolescere to grow upThemes and Approaches Ecological Systems the interacting structures both within the adolescent such as physicalcognitive and emotional functions and in the adolescents surroundings such asfamily peers school and the communityAccording to the Ecological Systems Approach as the adolescent experiences fundamentalchanges in their biological cognitive and selfsystems each of these changes acts on and isacted on by the others Eg physical changes affect body imageAlso each social context parents peers school and the larger cultural is affected by the othersand by the relationships among the othersStageEnvironment Fit the ways developmental changes in the adolescent interrelate with changes in the adolescents social environment such as parental demandsOften there is some degree of mismatch between the adolescents stage and environment Egwhen early adolescents are looking for more autonomy they enter high school which puts morestress on rules and authority Cultural Diversity the variety of customs beliefs expectations and behaviours that are typical of adolescents from different cultural and ethnic backgroundsSome aspects of adolescence are universal but most vary according to culture subculture orsocial groupIn North American society cultural diversity has become the norm rather than an exceptionAdolescents are affected by a clash between their particular cultural ideas and customs andthose promoted by media cultureApplicationsways of taking knowledge about adolescence that derived from research and putting it to practical use Educated Consumers those whose understanding of the field of adolescence and the ways ofknowledge is gathered allows them to judge the strengths and weakness new findings Positive Development the study of factors that encourage adolescents to develop in a positive directionA lot of research on adolescence like the media focuses on adolescent problems such as druguse premarital sex delinquency eating disorders and depression It is equally important to discuss how parents teachers and community members can help adolescents become confident productive caring and engaged participants in the life of their family school neighbourhood and societyLearning Strategies Active Learning interaction with new information for example by rephrasing material or tryingto explain it to someone else Deep Processing the association of new information with material that is already in memory especially material that has personal relevance
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