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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3090
Benjamin Gottlieb

1 Article 10 –The Prenatal/Early Infancy Project (Olds, 1988) Abstract -Nurse home visitation designed to prevent a wide range of maternal and child health problems associated with poverty -Established to improve prenatal health habits, infant caregiving skills, social support, use of community services, and educational and occupational achievements, and to help reduce future unwanted pregnancy and reliance on welfare -Changes expected to lead to reduction in child health disorders (inc. prematurity, low birth weight, growth and nutritional problems, accidents, ingestions, acute infections. Cognitive delays, behavioural problems and child abuse/neglect) -Researchers viewed afflictions as an expression of a dysfunctional caregiving system (inc. parents, families and larger community) Strategy Mediator Outcome -Parent Education about -Learned healthy habits, increased -Improved parental health influences on fetal and awareness of the effects of parental health habits and behaviours that infant development behaviour contribute to child wellbeing -Preparation for labour, delivery and early -Less distress childcare, and encouraged mothers to make -Increased use of formal appropriate used of health care and plans services and informal support, for subsequent pregnancies, returning to school and finding employment -Better parenting methods -Learned how to respond to child, -Increased employment communicating, holding, talking, nutritional -Reduced cases of later and developmental needs, abuse/neglect -Involvement of family -Sensitive to mother’s needs, help with -Less burden on mother to do members and friends household responsibilities, encourage them everything alone -Linkage of family to follow appropriate health behaviours, members with formal reinforce nurses advice, aid in childcare or health and human nurses were supportive so mothers could services break off destructive relationships -Reduce stress family was unable to handle alone Goals of Intervention -Emphasized regular medical care, but started with assumption that many health and psychosocial dysfunctions are attributable to environmental conditions beyond the reach of traditional clinic -Reduce stressful situations with home visiting nurses program during pregnancy and first 2 years of baby’s life for high-risk families -Designed to meet parents’ need for info, emotional support, and relieve life stress and address factors that undermine parents’ personal achievements, health habits and care giving Target Population -Recruited women considered to be at risk for arrested development and whose children were considered at risk for poor health and developmental outcomes, but was open to any first time moms -Nurse reports indicated many lived under oppressive circumstances, inadequate housing, history of child abuse, violence and substance common 2 Classifications: Selected: anyone bearing their first child was able to register (benefit most from program) Indicated: actively recruited women who were at <25 weeks of gestation, had no previous live births and who were considered to be at risk based on any one of the following: 1. Age (under 19) 2. Single-parent status 3. Low SES Primary: program aims to improve parental health habits and care giving before negative outcomes occur Outcomes and Mediators Outcomes: prenatal health habits, use of formal services and informal support, parenting methods, employment and later abuse/neglect Mediators: mothers found children easy to care for/had more confidence in themselves and informal services, l
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